Map of the World, indicating where we deliver exams for awarding bodies

An extensive exam delivery network for high-stakes, session-based and ‘scheduled on-demand’ exams in over 700 locations, and a network of multi-lingual remote invigilation hubs in multiple time zones across the globe

  • 124 exam centres in 100 countries delivering exams in over 700 towns and cities
  • Over 1,000 dedicated examinations staff
  • Over 25,000 venue staff including invigilators and supervisors
  • Nearly 2 million professional, university, English language and school examinations delivered every year for 150 UK institutions and awarding bodies
  • Computer-based testing in over 100 countries in 250 partner sites with 70 British Council owned suites


 ‘The British Council is one of our closest partners in making our Pearson qualifications and exams available to learners across the world. The integrity of our exams are critical to learners and stakeholders - and the work the British Council do to make sure our tests are delivered securely is an essential part of our work. Our partnership extends well beyond this - to providing day to day support for our centres, giving us feedback to help improve our services. Together we work to help learners fulfil their potential.'

Cambridge Assessment International Education on working with us

'Cambridge International has worked with the British Council for many years, and they play a key role in our mission to make our programmes and qualifications as widely available as possible. The global contract we signed with the British Council in February 2015, formalising the way we work together, is a clear sign of the importance and value we attach to the relationship.' 

Janet Morris, Director International Network, Cambridge Assessment International Education