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Partner with us to drive your international strategy through the secure delivery of pen and paper, or computer-based exams in up to 130 countries.

  • Achieve your strategic goals through our multi-modal exam delivery expertise including test centre and remotely invigilated/online proctored services.
  • Benefit from our tailored approach drawing from a range of best-in-class technology solutions to match your specific needs.

Security and Flexibility in Global exams delivery

We securely deliver your paper-based exams or computer-based exams through our global invigilation expertise. This gives you the flexibility to plan your exams, regardless of where you are in your assessment transformation journey, allowing your students to continue on their educational pathway.

Paper-based exams

Secure, expert invigilation, exam administration and safe chain of custody for your paper-based exams.

Computer-based exams

Impartial and tailored advice to achieve successful implementation of computer-based exams drawing from our best-in-class technology partnerships. Scenario planning and modelling of paper-based exams, computer-based exams, remote invigilation/online proctoring and options for dual or multi-modal exams delivery.

Remote invigilation

Students are able to securely take exams from the comfort of their home or workplace from our range of remotely invigilated/online proctored services.

  • Live – real-time invigilation by experienced invigilators
  • Record and Review – post-exam offline review of flagged incidents
  • Fully Automated – real-time AI-supported invigilation

Dedicated global account management

Wherever you are in your assessment journey, you will be guided by a dedicated Global Account Manager with expansive sector expertise, working in partnership with you to achieve your strategic goals.

World-Class student experience

The experience of your students is important to us. Through our globally trusted status and embedded values, we bring integrity and professionalism to every exam session, ensuring your student’s experience is in safe hands.

What our partners say

'Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University launched e-assessment in March 2016 – a gradual transition to e-assessment, alongside the original pen and paper version. The MBA programme can be taken by distance learning or through a learning partner which means there are very few students on campus. This meant that we needed a test centre network which was capable of delivering e-assessment in more than 100 locations worldwide. The British Council already delivers our pen and paper exams in locations where they have a presence and they provided support and advice about how to launch our e-assessment exams successfully and professionally.

Since March 2016, we have successfully used the British Council test centre network to roll out our e-assessment project. Each centre without exception has managed the process with experience, skill, integrity and to standard. We feel the most important aspect of the relationship between Edinburgh Business School and the British Council is the realistic, open and honest approach to our partnership.'

Martha Gibson, e-Assessment Manager, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University