Vocabualry Challenge

What is the Vocabulary Challenge?
The Vocabulary Challenge is an online research project led by the British Council that allows participants to put their English language skills to the test!

The research aims to create a list of English vocabulary based on the likelihood of active English language learners and users knowing the words. The Vocabulary Challenge project looks to find out which of the most common English words native speakers of Spanish, German or Chinese learners of the English language know.

The Vocabulary Challenge can be taken at home or in a classroom, on a laptop, tablet computer or smartphone.

Who can participate?
Participants must be native speakers of Chinese, German or Spanish, but can be from any location. Participants can be of any age and any stage of education or employment, as long as they are actively learning or using English.

How the Vocabulary Challenge works
The online challenge asks participants to fill in the native language version of a word given in English. The word will also be presented in a sentence to add context. The Vocabulary Challenge is taken in rounds of 10 words with a score and feedback given at the end of each round.

Supporting UNICEF

By taking the Vocabulary Challenge participants are also supporting UNICEF. The British Council hopes to raise up to £2,000 to help UNICEF support innovative education programmes across the world that give the most vulnerable children the chance to learn.

Every time ten correct words are entered the British Council will give 1p (£0.01) to UNICEF until our £2,000 target is met!

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