The Pratham report

The English Impact Report (Berry, 2014) is the result of a very productive collaboration between the Language Assessment Research group at the British Council in the UK, the British Council English and Exams team in India and the Pratham-Aser Centre, an NGO which produces the Annual Status of Education Report on educational outcomes in India.

The English Impact Report was coordinated by the Language Assessment Research group and edited by Vivien Berry, Senior Researcher in English Language Assessment Research. It brings together papers from leading academics from both India and the United Kingdom which describe the rich, complex, multilingual context for English education in India today. These papers provide the background to contextualize an important exploratory study, also published as a part of the Report, by Dunlea and Dunn.

The study investigates innovative ways of exploring the data from Annual Status of Education Report through the application of various statistical analysis techniques. It delves deeper into trends in English as a second or foreign language (L2) reading performance over time, as well as the relationship between first language (L1) literacy and L2 reading ability. The paper does not attempt to provide definitive answers to these questions, but instead focuses on suggesting useful techniques for exploring them, and suggestions for how the Annual Status of Education Report can continue to build on the important work it carries out.