​British Council and Metametrics Reading Study

The Language Assessment Research Group at the British Council and Metametrics, an educational measurement and research organisation based in Durham, North Carolina, are carrying out a study of EFL/ESL reading ability.

The study specifically looks at the relationship between reading ability as measured through the Aptis test, the use of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels in describing reading proficiency, and the Lexile measure, which is used to evaluate reading ability and text complexity on a common scale.

The study will collect both quantitative and qualitative data from a large cross section of EFL learners in university and high school across a number of varied international contexts. The British Council and Metametrics share core goals of improving education through the integration of assessment with learning, and the Lexile measure provides a useful means of helping instructors and learners identify relevant reading materials at appropriate levels of difficulty.

This study aims to add to our understanding of how reading ability is measured and reported, and by doing so to potentially add depth to the reporting of assessment results through the Aptis system. See the link below for the LTRC 2015 symposium in which both Metametric and LARG presented their research: New Models and Technologies for Blurring the Distinction between Language Testing and Language Learning (Stenner, O'Sullivan, Dunlea, Sandvik, & Geva).