Language Testing Forum 2015

LTF 2015 Paper Presentations

Anchana Rukthong, Tineke Brunfaut (Lancaster University) Anybody listening? The role of listening in integrated listening-to-write and listening-to-speak tasks
Carole Sedgwick, Mark Garner (University of Roehampton) Testing English for professional purposes: How "general" should a language test be?
Veronica Benigno, John de Jong (Pearson English) Vocabulary: a framework for grading
Zoltan Lukacsi (Euro Examinations, Budapest) A critical evaluation of state-accredited foreign language examination systems in Hungary
Fumiyo Nakatsuhara, Chihiro Inoue, Lynda Taylor (CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire)

Comparing live, audio and video rating of performance on a speaking test

Andrea  Révész (Institute of Education, University College London), Marije Michel (Lancaster University), Lee MinJin (Institute of Education, University College London) Investigating writing behaviours and text quality using eye-tracking, keystroke logging and text analysis
Nahal  Khabbazbashi, Evelina Galaczi (Cambridge English Language Assessment) Score comparability of holistic and by-part marking models
Nathaniel Owen (Cambridge English Language Assessment) Using video-stimulated recall interviews to provide cognitive validity evidence in L2 reading test

LTF 2015 Pictures

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