Richard Spiby

Richard Spiby has been the Test Development Researcher for the receptive skills (reading and listening, together with grammar and vocabulary) since June 2016. His main responsibilities involve analysing operational data and revising and developing the receptive skills components of the Aptis test.

Richard has previously worked in the UK and Turkey, mainly in the university sector, in test production, management and research



Areas of Expertise

  • Cognitive processing in reading and listening assessment
  • Accessibility in assessment
  • Language assessment literacy


Wu, R., Yeh, H., Dunlea, J. & Spiby, R. (2016). Aptis-GEPT comparison study: Looking at two tests from multiple perspectives using the socio-cognitive model. British Council Validations Series VS/2016/002. London: British Council.

Judith, J. & Spiby, R. (2019) Towards a framework of inclusion: developing accessibility in tests at the British Council. European Journal of Special Needs Education, (34):2, 236-255.

Dunlea, J., Spiby, R., Nguyen, T.N. Quynh, Nguyen, T.M. Huu, Nguyen, T.Q. Yen, Thai, H.L. (2018). Aptis-VSTEP Comparability Study: Investigating the usage of two EFL tests in the context of higher education in Vietnam. British Council Validations Series VS/2018/001. London: British Council.


  • MA in ELT, University of Reading
  • BA in Classics, Jesus College, Oxford