Aptis remote download software

Download ProctorTrack

  • Before you start the onboarding process you must first download and install ProctorTrack. 
  • Check your environment and computer setup
  • Login to ProctorTrack using Google Chrome 70 or higher only.
  • Follow the instructions to download the installer and perform a system check. 
  • Read and agree to the exam guidelines. 

Complete the onboarding process

The onboarding process involves scanning your face and identification document and completing the familiarisation test. You need to complete all steps successfully in order to be able to take your test on the scheduled day.

What you will need to confirm your identity

Your identity will be checked as part of the onboarding and on the day of the test.  Please ensure you have a valid identification document (ID) and use the same ID throughout your onboarding and test day

Valid forms of ID include passport, identity card and biometric residence permit only if a photo is included.  Your ID must contain your full name and a photo of yourself on the same side.

Invalid or expired IDs will not be accepted.  If you cannot provide valid ID you will not be able to sit the test.

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