What is the Aptis Listening Test like?

The information below and the preparation materials are relevant for Aptis and Aptis ESOL.

The Aptis Listening Test contains 17 tasks and a total of 20 different recordings focusing on different aspects of real-life listening. You will have around 40 minutes to complete the listening test.

Part 1: Information recognition

In this section, you need to identify specific information such as a phone number, a time or a place by listening to a short message or a dialogue.

Part 2: Information matching

Here you will listen to short monologues on a common topic by four different people. You will be asked to match each speaker to a piece of information.

Part 3: Inference - discussion

Here you will listen to a man and woman discuss a topic and express certain opinions about the topic. You will be asked to identify who expresses which opinion.

Part 4: Inference - longer monologues

You will listen to two longer monologues on different topics. You will be asked to identify the speaker’s opinion or point of view on two aspects of the topic.

To listen, just click on the Play button. You can hear each recording twice.

Tips for your listening test:

  • Read the questions carefully before listening, identify key words and understand what it is you need to listen for.
  • Watch for synonyms – you may see a word in a question and hear a different word with a similar meaning in the audio.
  • Use the second listening to check or confirm your answer.
  • Listen to the whole recording before choosing your answer.

For more detailed information, please download a copy of the Test Format Overview.