Aptis case study: Adecco Poland

Country: Poland
Client: Adecco Poland – a branch of Adecco Global, an international leading provider of HR solutions
Test takers: Employees
Purpose of the test: Recruitment of customer facing staff
Skills package: Core + Reading + Listening + Writing + Speaking
Mode of Delivery: Computer (browser version)
Administration: Adecco

The Polish branch of the international recruitment company Adecco used Aptis to test the English language levels of employees working at the customer-facing Welcome Centre, whose main task is to register service requests of external customers from EMEA in 11 languages.

Adecco’s customers rate quality of service (including language skills of employees) through a Customer Satisfaction Survey, so it was essential for the employees to be at the required level. The company’s recruitment process also includes an interview in a foreign language and an online language test.

Aptis was chosen to test both new and existing employees at the Welcome Centre for a number of reasons:

  • Aptis was convenient for Adecco as they were able to administer and invigilate the tests themselves.
  • Adecco had to use only one test to measure all skills of their employees.
  • The results were back with the company within 72 hours and scores were mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Adecco was able to present results to clients and customers.


Adecco has decided to establish a permanent cooperation with British Council and to use Aptis as an official recruitment tool for the Welcome Centre.

Aptis has been integrated as part of an annual recruitment process for the company and is the evaluation tool administered to existing staff in order to determine their ongoing English capability.

Existing staff are subsequently given the opportunity of further English language training if required. Adecco management also commented that the words and phrases used in Aptis were exactly what Adecco employees used in everyday work, also adding that since the test was international, they could present it to international clients.

All of our Aptis sessions went smoothly and all candidates were satisfied that the difficulty level was sufficient

Marta Gerlach-Kaleta, Senior Project Manager, Adecco, Poland said:

“We used Aptis to verify the language skills of our employees working in customer care with international business customers. Every employee of ours must speak English at least a B2 level – this is something we need to verify on an on-going basis.

The previous exam we were using did not test speaking skills, so the exam result did not reflect the general level of language knowledge; some employees should have not been allowed to talk to native speakers by phone.

Using Aptis allowed us to determine and compare the level of English in five skill areas and decide who could be assigned to phone or email communication with native speaker customers. We were able to conduct the exam at a time convenient to us, for any number of candidates instead of organising large sessions.

We also liked the user-friendly interface. All of our Aptis sessions went smoothly and all candidates were satisfied that the difficulty level was sufficient. We will be using Aptis every three years for re-certification.”