What is the EU VET Toolbox?

The VET Toolbox is a demand-led five-year project (2017-2022) funded by the European Union. It provides eligible countries with targeted expertise, grant funding, tools and advice to improve the effectiveness of national vocational education and training (VET) reforms to respond to labour market needs and enhance employability for all.

The project focuses on three thematic areas:

  • Evidence-based VET and labour market programming
  • Private sector involvement in VET and labour market activities
  • Inclusion of disadvantaged groups in formal and non-formal VET.

The VET Toolbox is implemented by a partnership of agencies, including Enabel (Belgium), GIZ (Germany), LuxDev (Luxembourg) and the British Council.

What have the British Council’s VET Toolbox interventions achieved to date?

Since Summer 2018, the British Council has successfully implemented VET Toolbox interventions in Pakistan, Vietnam, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania. Each intervention has placed emphasis on providing expertise to support systemic change, through capacity building key stakeholders, developing tools and advising on strategic planning.

In Pakistan, for example, our intervention supported the implementation of major legislation to build an effective apprenticeship programme, through the production of a fit-for-purpose guide and a related series of workshops for employers and leaders of training institutions in nine different cities across the country. Over 500 key stakeholders benefited directly from this intervention that will help ensure young people in Pakistan receive transformative apprenticeship experiences through the new programme. 

In Vietnam, our intervention focussed on quality assurance in VET. Experts benchmarked the performance of a range of training institutes against international standards, developed a quality assurance self-assessment tool for use by training institutes across Vietnam, and provided recommendations to enhance quality assurance nationally. In this way, the intervention both supported institutions to implement better quality assurance and informed the development of government policy to help ensure system-wide improvement in the area of quality assurance – with related benefits for every student and teacher within the Vietnamese VET system. 

You can find out more about Toolbox projects here.

Who is eligible for support?

EU partner countries, excluding those countries that receive support from the European Training Foundation (ETF), which have a current VET reform programme funded by EC or EU member bilateral agency, in the following regions:

  • Sub Saharan Africa
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • South and Central America.

Particular attention is given to support requests from countries benefitting from the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

The VET Toolbox welcomes support requests from actors involved in VET and labour market services including:

  • ministries, regional and local entities responsible for the design and implementation of national and regional policies regarding VET and employment
  • national vocational authorities and regulatory bodies
  • quality assurance bodies responsible for assessments and examinations
  • public, private or mixed VET training institutes
  • national, regional and sectoral business and professional associations and other civil society organisations.

How do I submit a request for support?

Please find in the Download section below the Support Request Form and Guidelines. 

For more information about the project, please see the VET Toolbox website.