Sophia Ike – Onu is the founder of - an e-commerce platform that stocks high quality Nigerian products.  

With a journey that started only two years ago, Sophia is beginning to reap the benefits of quitting her nine-to-five job to follow her passion of creating the next high street brand fashion apparel for Nigerians.

“The Nigerian fashion scene lacked quality and affordable fashion brands within the purchasing power of the average population,” said Sophia. Not only are all products on the5kshop made locally, they do not cost more than five thousand naira (the namesake for Sophia’s business).

Sophia started her business at home with a local tailor and launched her brand at a local fashion exhibition. Her items sold out during the two-day event. This reinforced her business idea and that the demand existed for indigenous products. She now employs three tailors who make over 400 fashion pieces a month for the business. 

Sophia won the British Council’s Enterprise Challenge in 2016. Since then, her business has grown over 150% in revenue and customer acquisition. Winning the Enterprise Challenge provided Sophia with much needed endorsement for her young brand. Sophia was featured on a CNN segment on ‘Made in Nigeria’ products and inspiring African entrepreneurs. She was recently nominated by the ‘Leading Ladies Africa’ as one of 100 Nigeria’s Most Inspiring Women. The Virgin Group named her a female ambassador. She has been featured on Ebony Life TV (Africa's first Global Black Entertainment & Lifestyle network). 

She has also partnered with social media influencers, such as Bella Naija, to raise awareness of her brand. And now has a strong and steady following of over 36K Instagram followers.

Sophia’s future plans include creates platforms where she can meet her customers and other retailers face-to-face.

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