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British Council

British Council in Ghana hosted its second “Social Thursday” event under this year’s theme: “Teching” Social Enterprises in a Digital Age. The event gather over 280 participants and comprised exhibitions by ten emerging social enterprises, tech demo sessions and a series of strategic digital marketing workshops.

The aim of this event was to expose social enterprise leaders to transformational digital ideas and skills. By developing a more entrepreneurial and agile approach to businesses visibility – and one attuned to the digital age – social enterprises can generate more income and strengthen relationships with key partners and stakeholders.

The British Council’s Skills Hub was in collaboration with Kumasi Hive, a social enterprise and makerspace offering access to tools, technology and business support for innovators in Kumasi, Ghana. They exhibited hardware technology and demonstrated how they could be used to make life easier and solve basic problems.

A workshop on email marketing and cloud-based solutions, followed by another on building a strong social media and web presence were facilitated by professional trainers, Claude Ayitey and Billings Tanaa, respectively. In these sessions, participants explored how to convert business models into top-line marketing objectives, while implementing strategic digital marketing plans that included brand development and communication.

The event was crowned by an interactive discussion led by three speakers:  Melanie Botha, COO of Global Media Alliance Broadcast Company; Maximus Ametorgoh, digital lead/CEO, PopOut; and Caritas Naa Ayele Aryee, founder, Tatas and Friends Foundation. Jemila Abdulai, the creative director and founding editor of Circumspect was moderator. 

The speakers created a welcoming environment for their audience to share concerns about the use of technology in their businesses. There was a fruitful discussion on how to effectively harness new tools to move businesses forward, to create mass awareness of projects, to raise funds and to attract people’s business support

Exhibited hardware technology at the British Council's Skills Hub ©

British Council