The ‘mentoring partnership’ model was successfully piloted by the British Council in 2019. It brought together Hertford Regional College in the UK with four colleges in Vietnam: Hanoi Industrial Vocational College, Hue Tourism College, Kien Giang Vocational College, and the Vietnam-Korea Vocational Technology College of Bac Giang.

The partnership ran for a year and focused on building the capacity of the Vietnamese institutions and enhancing their strategies in the areas of private sector engagement and quality assurance, with a view to increasing the relevance of their training offer to the needs of employers. The partnership was supported by the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET) in Vietnam, who worked to ensure that the learning it delivered was cascaded to other training institutions across the country.

This initial mentoring partnership was followed by a further four mentoring partnerships with Vietnam (led by Hertford Regional College), Pakistan (led by Dudley College), Mauritius (led by South West College) and Botswana (led by Belfast College). In September 2021, two of these, with Botswana and Mauritius, were extended for another year, and further five projects were initiated, with Ghana, Malawi, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Each mentoring partnership brings together a lead UK training institution (selected through a competitive process) with clusters of training institutions in the partner county. The focus is on provision of expertise and tools to deliver sustainable on-the-ground change. The thematic focus is on employer needs and quality in VET, approached in a tailor-made way to enable each partnership to cater to the specific priorities and context of the given country.  

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