Vietnam’s shift from a centrally planned economy to a market economy has transformed the country into one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia. Continued economic growth is expected to correlate with an increasing demand for more skill-intensive, non-manual and non-routine jobs. As a result the need for promotion of human resources and skills development (particularly skills for modern industry and innovation) have been identified as one of the essential solutions for sustainable economic development. 

The Minster and Vice Minister of MOLISA have requested UK and British Council’s support in the development of a framework to engage employers in setting up National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS), enabling the vocational system to better meet the needs of employers.

British Council Vietnam has been working closely with Vietnam Electricity (EVN), a state-owned enterprise in the energy industry to build a partnership proposal around the development of skills standards and frameworks for employer engagement.

As part of British Council Vietnam’s ongoing commitment to skills development across the country, one international skills partnership is available for funding. Two travel grants of £2,000 are available for successful applicants to meet, to discuss and plan a prospective partnership. Travel would need to take place between 4 -9 May 2015. The successful partnership application will be awarded up to a further £10,000. 

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Organisational profile

Partnership opportunity

EVN propose that the partnership focuses on the development of technical skills standards and frameworks for employer engagement in all relevant EVN’s subsidiaries.

As a result of the partnership, EVN are hoping to pilot technical skill standards for the electricity distribution sector in two areas: business management within electricity and operational management and maintenance for electricity substations and distribution network with voltage up to 110 kV. 

During the scoping visit UK organisations might explore:

  • how the competency standards/technical skills standards were developed;
  • the use of these standards across operation, production, training and assessment process;
  • the vision and strategy for training to support business growth;
  • employer engagement frameworks in training and skills development to provide young learners with skills meeting requirements of the industry.

Through the course of the partnership EVN hope to hold seminars involving leaders from EVN’s subsidiaries and UK partners around: 

  • developing competency standards/technical skills standards in the two pilot areas in the distribution sector, which can then be applied across relevant EVN subsidiaries;
  • developing a framework to use technical skills standards/competency standards across operation, production, training and assessment process;
  • developing a framework for employer engagement in training and skills development in order to support business growth and equip young learners/employees with skills meeting EVN requirements.

How to apply

Applications are welcome from consortia of UK organisations active in the skills sector, including colleges, universities, employers, sector skills councils, awarding bodies, skills academies and other training providers. 

Please note the travel grant dates for this opportunity differ from other travel dates. All successful organisations would be required to be in Vietnam between  4 -9 May 2015.