With the third largest economy in the Arab world and an estimated population of 85 million people, of which the large majority are under 24 years old, Egypt’s labour force is predicted to grow by over 850,000 people per year making it a country and economy to watch. 

However, despite economic growth unemployment remains an issue with 40% of Egypt's unemployed at high school or university graduates. As a result, youth unemployment remains a challenge and growth of the skills sector and creating stable employment is of high importance on the political agenda. 

As part of British Council Egypt’s ongoing commitment to skills development across the country, 1 international skills partnership is available for funding. The required focus of the partnership is the development of customer facing services. A Travel Grant of £2,000 is available for successful applicants to meet to discuss and plan a prospective partnership. The successful partnership application will be awarded up to a further £13,000 

Click here for further information about our work in Egypt or contact Riham.Boutros@britishcouncil.org.eg 

Institutional partner: Egyptian Association for Educational Resources

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