Vietnam’s shift from a centrally planned economy to a market economy has transformed the country from one of the world’s poorest countries into one of the most dynamic emerging countries in  East Asia. Continued economic growth is expected to correlate with an increasing demand for more skill-intensive, non-manual and non-routine jobs, and the need for the promotion of human resources and skills development (particularly skills for modern industry and innovation) have been identified as one of the essential solutions for a sustainable economic development. 

British Council Vietnam has been working closely with General Department of Vocational Education, the government authority in TVET to develop a wide range of activities to address the skills gap and quality issues. Building on the need of improving quality of training and enhancing Quality Assurance (QA) practice at college level to international standards, British Council proposes to work with Department of Accreditation and Quality Assurance on QA framework at selected high-quality vocational colleges. The partnership expects to help boost QA practice and implementation at both institutional and policy making level.

As part of British Council Vietnam’s ongoing commitment to skills development across the country, 1 international skills partnership is available for funding. The required focus of the partnership is Quality Assurance (QA) in vocational educational training. A Travel Grant of £2,000 is available for successful applicants to meet to discuss and plan a prospective partnership. The successful partnership application will be awarded up to a further £13,000.

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Institutional partner: Vietnam Vocational Training Accreditation Agency