VET Toolbox Consultancy Opportunities to Work with Ghana and Malawi

To support our work on the EU-funded VET Toolbox Pillar IV projects  in Ghana and Malawi, the British Council is pleased to announce the following exciting opportunities for six suitably experienced consultants:

  • Two Technical Leads (one for Ghana, one for Malawi) – likely to be international consultants (conducting some or possibly all of the work remotely)
  • Two Labour Market Analysts (one for Ghana, one for Malawi) – likely to be already based in the country
  • Two local TVET experts (one already based in Ghana, one already based in Malawi).

How to apply 

For full details of the opportunities and to submit a proposal, bidders will be required to register on e-Tendering portal In-Tend in order to take part in the tender process.  

Once registered, bidders must log-in to the website where they can view the project and access the bidders pack and submit their return.

The reference numbers for these opportunities are: BC/02146 (Ghana) and BC/02149 (Malawi). 

Bidders will be required to demonstrate and evidence their expertise and experience. These conditions are outlined in the RFP and the Supplier Response form. 

The deadline for submitting returns is Wednesday 1 December 2021 23:59 UK time.

In order to ensure a fair and transparent tendering process we ask all bidders to submit their questions via In-Tend portal  and we will share the questions and responses with all the bidders in the indicated timeline.