Green skills benchmarking in Ghana

Important update! Please check the Q&A section below.

Opportunity for a consultant to deliver a green skills benchmarking exercise in Ghana

We are seeking to appoint a consultant or organisation for the delivery of a green skills benchmarking exercise in Ghana, as part of the Going Global Partnerships programme.

The successful applicant will work with British Council Ghana and local stakeholders in the area of green skills from October to December 2023. Using the British Council’s Green Skills Benchmarking tool, the aim of the project is to better understand the green skills landscape, including strengths and opportunities that can form the basis of future collaboration.

This is a valuable opportunity for an expert in the field of green skills, and we welcome applications from individuals and organisations in the UK and Ghana. Please be advised that while some of the work may be carried out remotely, there will be a requirement for face to face engagement in Ghana.

Deadline for applications: Friday 3 October 2023.

How to Apply

To apply, please visit the In-trend portal:

The reference number for this opportunity is BC/03103.

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Q&A section

Reference is hereby made to the RFP for the above Tender No. BC/03103, under 'Services',

Q 1 : Should the Consultant budget for all the travel and staying costs for the Scoping Visit to Ghana? Or this will be met by the client?

A: The British Council will cover these costs so these do not need to be included in the pricing approach.  

Q 2: What mode of interface will be used for the briefing meetings?

A: The briefing meeting for the project overall will be held virtually (on Microsoft Teams). Stakeholder meetings in country should be held in person where possible. 

This call for proposals is part of the British Council’s Going Global Partnerships programme. Going Global Partnerships builds stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education and TVET systems. The programme supports partnerships between universities, colleges, education policy makers, civil society organisations and industry partners in the UK and around the world.