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British Council is currently commissioning research focussing on  ‘Disabled people’s inclusion within TVET – an international perspective’ (a study of inclusive TVET internationally – what is working well at systems and practice level?)

Up to £20,000 GBP is available

About this opportunity

Globally the role of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is attracting interest and profile as governments and policy makers consider how best employers’ needs for skills can be met through developing young people who have the right technical skills and qualifications. Yet disabled young people (and adults) are at risk of being excluded if policy and practice does not enable access, retention and attainment within TVET provision. This in turn prevents progression on to meaningful paid employment.

British Council is commissioning this very timely piece of research to explore best practice internationally. We are passionate about young people with disabilities, across the world, being able to access and experience high quality TVET provision along with their peers. This study will focus on the effectiveness of TVET in developing inclusive strategies in international contexts. For the purposes of this study 'TVET' is understood as mainstream education that is often delivered through ‘Colleges’ or ‘Training Providers / Organisations.’  It has distinct features – it is often publicly funded, and is regulated and inspected / quality assured by the appropriate Government bodies relating to education provision. Students / Learners accessing TVET are typically working towards recognised accredited qualifications, that are linked to a national curriculum. TVET is often understood as ‘tertiary’ education that takes place alongside Higher Education after formal schooling. In this instance we are not looking to focus specifically on ‘vocational training’ that is delivered through health or social services or by NGOs. We recognise this training as an important part of the broader eco-system, but for the purposes of this study we are looking for a focus specifically on TVET provision. Please consider this distinction carefully if you are submitting a response to this opportunity.

How to apply

In the Downloads section below, here are four documents for you to look at: the ‘Request for Proposal’ which sets out in full detail what we are looking for; a ‘Supplier Response’ for you to tell us how you plan to meet the brief; a document for you to set out your costings and  for your information we have also provided details on our ‘Risks and Ethics’ policy relating to research. 

Update as of 26 November 2019: The Invitation to Tender period for this piece of work has been extended, and is still open. Please contact for more information.