€20,000 Funding to Mentor a Vietnamese College Cluster

European Union funded VET Toolbox Project

Application deadline: 23 August 2019

About the opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity for a UK-based Further Education College or Training Organisation looking to build a network and capacity to work in East Asia. The successful institution will be partnered with a cluster of three to four colleges in Vietnam to provide mentoring support for 9 months. The cluster will produce a joint action plan to work to during this time and complete a self-evaluation report.

The Toolbox Partnership opportunity builds on previous EU-funded Toolbox Projects delivered in Vietnam to develop a country-wide approach to quality assurance. This links directly to Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour’s vision that all colleges will be approaching the quality level of G20 Countries by 2045.

Further context about our work in Skills in Vietnam

The Toolbox Partnership in Vietnam will build on previous EU Tool Box project delivered in Vietnam in 2017-2018. This responded to the need of Vietnam government to develop innovative approaches and sustainable solutions to move towards achieving international quality standards across vocational education provision.

The Toolbox Partnership will continue to support the Vietnam government strategy on internationalisation of its vocational education and reaching international quality standards for a wider number of colleges in Vietnam. 

Through the Toolbox Partnership UK colleges in Vietnam aim to achieve:

  • Professional development for staff who will be capable to apply self-assessment tools/ UK quality criteria in assessment.
  • Self-assessment delivered by colleges at equivalent standard as UK colleges and self-assessment reports produced with recommendations for improvement in four key areas: leadership and management, teaching and learning and assessment, student welfare and learners’ outcomes.
  • Sustainable strategy for quality improvement developed.
  • Establishment of international partnerships that work to enrich teaching and learning experience of both partners.

In the draft Development Strategy 2021-2030 and vision to 2045, the Ministry of Labor - Disability and Social Affairs has set the following goals: by 2025, 10 colleges will reach quality standards level of G20 countries; by 2030, there will be 15 colleges approaching quality level of G20 countries.

The Toolbox Partnership will be provided added value to support government strategy on internationalisation of vocational education and reaching international quality standards for wider number of colleges in Vietnam. This will be done through:

  • Increasing access to UK quality standards for a greater number of vocational colleges in Vietnam being mentored by the UK partner college as to how to apply self-assessment tools developed in 2018 and UK approaches to quality assurance.
  • Improving capacity for Vietnam colleges in applying self-assessment tools/ UK quality criteria in assessment.
  • Disseminating good practice to wider TVET system in Vietnam.

During 2015 – 2017, the British Council through its Skills and Employability worked with the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET), Ministry of Labour, Disability and Social Affairs (MOLISA) on a three year collaboration programme “development of a robust quality assurance system in colleges in Vietnam based on successful UK approaches”. Through the collaboration programme, six partnerships between 6 UK colleges and 21 colleges in Vietnam established. Through sharing UK approaches to quality assurance, partnerships had supported colleges in Vietnam in developing quality assurance tools.  As a result, quality assurance tools developed and applied, quality culture gradually introduced throughout colleges in Vietnam and colleges have improved knowledge of UK quality assurance system.

  • To build on the collaboration programme, it is proposed that colleges involved in this programme will be selected to participate in the ToolBox Partnership in order to build on success achieved.
  • During 2017 – 2018, EU Toolbox TVET delivered a project in Vietnam which supported government’s strategy in reaching world-class standards in education through benchmarking quality of 4 colleges to UK standards and improve their self-assessment process in order to raise better quality standards. The benchmarking including external assessment of colleges using Ofsted inspection framework and provision of ‘Self-assessment Tool’ to sustain quality improvement. 
  • Building on the benchmarking project, Toolbox Partnership in Vietnam will have colleges that will put into practice Self-assessment Tool and as a result develop strategy to overcome identified weakness and improve quality in four key areas; leadership, teaching & learning, student welfare, and learning outcomes. 

About the grant

A total of €20,000 for the project is available, of which 30 per cent can be claimed against staff time. Project costs will enable travel of up to three staff from the UK institution to Vietnam for an initial and a closing visit. There is the potential for travel from Vietnam to the UK, depending on budget.

About VET Toolbox Partnerships

The European Union funded VET Toolbox Project promotes demand-driven and inclusive vocational education and training, with expertise sharing and working together at its heart. The British Council recognises that Further Education Colleges and Training Organisations have a key role to play in providing institutional support as part of our technical assistance work in the VET sector overseas.

How to apply

Download the VET Toolbox Application Form from the Download section below. Please ensure your completed application is submitted to us at skills@britishcouncil.org by 5.00pm (UK time) 23 August 2019. Please state 'VET Toolbox Partnership' in the email subject line when submitting.