The British Council invites Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified and experienced consultants and organisations to support the delivery of the EU-funded VET Toolbox Project


VET Toolbox is an EU PAGODA project delivered through an implementation partnership consisting of Enabel (Belgium), British Council, GIZ (Germany), LuxDev (Luxembourg) and Agence Française de Developpement (France). 

VET Toolbox provides partner countries with know-how, tools and advice in order to improve the effectiveness of TVET reforms supported by the EU (EC and EU Member States). It focuses on supporting VET systems to:

  • become more demand-led, with more effective private sector engagement; 
  • become more responsive to labour market needs; 
  • provide increased access to (self-) employment, including for disadvantaged groups. 

The project’s interventions will be demand-driven, initiated by support requests from partnerships, and will include support missions, intermittent support missions, and both the application of existing tools and the development of new tools. Interventions will be targeted and relatively short (typically around 40 consultancy days), providing countries with fast and flexible assistance to complement broader reform.

VET Toolbox will operate in countries in receipt of Official Development Assistance, excluding EU Neighbouring States and EU Accession States and is likely to be particularly active in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 


To enable the project to respond quickly and effectively to approved requests for support, the British Council is seeking to create a pool of consultants with appropriate sectoral and technical knowledge and expertise, along with appropriate in-country experience. 

Consultants selected for inclusion in this pool will be placed on framework contracts. When a request for support is approved, a small number of the most suitable consultants from the pool will be invited for interview for the specific role. As with all British Council framework contracts there can therefore be no guarantee of the volume of work that maybe procured in this demand-driven project.



a) Significant professional background in one or more of the following fields:

  • VET system and labour market analysis;
  • Employer engagement and participation of private sector in VET; and/or
  • Inclusion in VET in the formal and informal sectors.

b) Proven experience of working with international organisations and/or government agencies in one or more of above fields.

c) Previous experience in conducting similar work for international donors. 

d) Knowledge and understanding of EU programmes and requirements. 

e) Strong analytical aptitude and effective interpersonal, communication and reporting skills.

f) In-country experience of working in the VET sector in one or more of the following regions:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • South Asia;
  • East Asia; and/or
  • South America


If you are interested, please log in/register via the following link:, where the detailed tender documents and conditions for application are hosted. 

Please note the deadline for Expressions of Interest is 4 June 2018