Dr. Claire Horwell
Dr Claire Horwell was awarded a travel grant to pursue research in Hawaii ©

Dr Claire Horwell

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Researchers that reside in the UK can apply for funding to spend 1-6 months at a university or research institution in one of the partner countries, and those residing in one of the partner countries can apply for funding to come to the UK. 

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Researcher Links travel grant to Hawaii, Dr. Claire Horwell

Hawaii's active volcanoes are an interesting reason to visit as a tourist, but for local communities they can be very damaging. Kilauea, for example, has been continuously erupting for 33 years, leaking acidic pollution known as vog over nearby populations. 

Dr. Claire Horwell, a researcher at Durham University, was awarded a travel grant to investigate how the local community uses the official advice on protecting themselves, and work with agencies to improve this.

“We’re working with State and County agencies with the end goal of providing consistent online advice, an informative pamphlet on vog exposure and protection, and updated guidance on how to access resources about vog,” explains Claire. 

The knowledge generated by this visit will have direct impact on the communities affected by Kilauea, but it will also have international impact. For example, European government agencies can draw on the findings as they prepare for future Icelandic eruptions.

You can follow the progress of the visit through the Facebook page.

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