Technical Training and Employability Programme

The Technical Training and Employability Programme will focus on increasing the pipeline of talent, particularly for technical roles (laboratory, engineering, environmental, or forensic technicians for example), and ensuring that future labour market needs can be met. This will include building the relevant employability and practical skills needed to work in the sector.

This programme will:

  • Support dialogue, partnership working and capability amongst employer representative bodies, education institutions and other social partners with a focus on workforce planning and skills forecasting in areas essential for economic and social development.
  • Build a framework for technical skills development for relevant occupations.
  • Pilot schemes to improve the level of technical, practical and employability skills in the sector.
  • Establish sustainable structures and supply pipelines, enabling more effective research and innovation in areas relevant to economic development and social well-being.


Activities under this programme will run on a country by country basis according to local needs.

The types of activities will fall under two broad categories:

  • Developing and piloting of new innovative approaches for technical science and research occupations to support increased capacity
  • Meeting future skills needs in science and research

Calls and opportunities

UK experts and organisations will be engaged to develop and deliver activities. All calls and opportunities will be listed here as they come around, and also on the general British Council Science and Research opportunities page.

Open calls

There are no calls open currently.