Hall of FameLab 2015

Friday 25 September 2015 -
21:00 to 22:00
Natural History Museum

Tune in live via the live stream on this page, or join us in person at the Natural History Museum, London

As part of EU Researchers' Night 2015, the Natural History Museum, London will open its doors until late for Science Uncovered; an evening of science talks, demonstrations and exhibitions. As part of this, The British Council are hosting Hall of FameLab 2015.

Hosted by Quentin Cooper, seven scientists from across Europe will be getting on the main stage in the Flett Theatre and presenting three-minute science talks in an engaging and charismatic way. All have previously been part of FameLab International; a global science communication training programme and competition.

1. Manuel Gonzalez (Spain finalist 2015)

An astronomer who’s also passionate about theatre, Manuel decided to take part in FameLab because he thinks it’s very important to bring science to people. And that the best way to do this is through humour and laughter.

2. Tea Rukavina (Croatia winner 2015)

Tea is a PhD student with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering, who has also published two books of poetry. You see, words are Tea’s thing and she can't live without them, so FameLab is a great opportunity for her to combine these passions.

3. Francois-Xavier Joly (France winner and international runner-up 2015)

Driven by his life-long passion for mud, dirt and the unsightly, François-Xavier has spent the last four years of his PhD studying soil ecology. Astonished by how little people seemed to understand his passion, François-Xavier decided to tell the world about the incredible interactions happening in the soil (his words) through FameLab.

4. Pedro Ferreira (Portugal finalist 2015)

Pedro’s love of literature and the mysterious reasons why people do the things they do lead him to undertake a PhD in molecular neurobiology. An avid science communicator, Pedro tried FameLab out to see how far he could spread the good gospel of molecules and genes.

5. Violeta (Villy) Zhelyazkova (Bulgaria finalist 2012)

Violeta decided to become a biologist when she was seven as she believed this was the only way she could combine climbing trees with being an adult. Finishing her Masters degree in Genetics and Mycology, Villy can’t wait to share how important a closer look underground can be.

6. Karl Byrne (UK finalist 2006)

The lure of science communication lead virology researcher Karl Byrne to write and present science shows around the world. Fast-forward nine years and Karl is now the Senior Programme Co-ordinator for Cheltenham Science Festival.

7. Anna Stockl (Germany winner 2014)

Anna is in the last stage of her PhD, studying how neuronal processing in moth brains helps them see better at night. FameLab challenged Anna to adopt a new vocabulary and way of thinking to share her fascination for animals, neurons and sensory systems.

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