'Having someone standing in front of girls saying, ‘If I can do it, then you can too’, gives a strong message of hope.
'Having someone standing in front of girls saying, ‘If I can do it, then you can too’, gives a strong message of hope. Image ©

Mat Wright for the British Council.

About this opportunity

The British Council in Germany is looking for UK-based researchers to deliver interactive, engaging and hands-on science workshops in English on the topic of Seas and Oceans

The workshops will take place from spring 2017 through to autumn 2017 at regional events throughout Germany.

Ideally we are looking for UK-based science researchers, engineers,  Ph.D. students and STEM Ambassadors with a science background and a track record of outreach work with schools. 

Workshop proposals must have been tested and approved in the UK. Each workshop will be for a group of 20-25 pupils, aged between 16-19 and will be completely in English (the level of English and science education in Germany is very high). The workshops will last for circa 90 minutes and must include hands-on activities and visual presentations.

The British Council will pay for travel (second class/ economy), accommodation and subsistence, plus any products or materials needed (up to a total value of €500) if they are not available at the host school or through our partners MINT-EC. Please note that the British Council will not be able to cover fees.

Key dates

The deadline for submitting proposals is 30 September 2017.

The workshops will take place between autumn 2017 and spring 2018.


Seas and Oceans is the topic of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s Year of Science 2016-17, and the UK is the partner country.  

The British Council in Germany is working with the British Embassy Science and Innovation team, MINT-EC and other partners on activities that will bring British and German young people, teachers and researchers together to focus on seas and oceans. 

MINT-EC, is a national network supported by ministries of education and industry promoting excellence in STEM (MINT = STEM in German) education in secondary schools. There are currently 265 member schools in the network, which are made up of 287,000 pupils and 22,500 teachers.  Each year 8 regions throughout organise a MINT100 forum based at a network school. 100 pupils and 20 teachers from surrounding schools take part.

The workshops in will take place at each of the MINT100 forums, reflecting MINT-EC's support of science teaching in English. 

These sorts of workshops have shown to have real impact on how participants view STEM subjects. A similar programme running in France called Science in Schools has shown that 50% of pupils express interest in pursuing science subjects to a higher level following participation in a workshop, compared to an average of 20% prior to participation. 

How to apply

If you are interested in taking part please complete the proposal form available below, and send to Martin Spiess (martin.spiess@britishcouncil.de) and Frauke Kegel (frauke.kegel@britishcouncil.de) by 30 September 2017.