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Pillar of Innovation: designing a methodology for the identification of the gaps in highly-qualified human capital for the prioritised forestry sector, with the development of a regional pilot experience

About this opportunity

Call for proposals from consultants to support CONCYTEC to design a methodology for the identification of the gap in highly-qualified human capital for prioritised forestry sector, with the development of a regional pilot experience. 

This project will aim to reduce the human capital gaps in the science, technology and innovation (STI) ecosystem and accelerate appropriate conditions for sustainable socio-economic growth by conceiving tailor-made solutions to development challenges based on regions’ resources.

As a result, STI government organisations and policymakers should be able to:

  • Design strategies and policies that are appropriate to the Peruvian context, based on the needs addressed as a result of the application of the methodology in regions.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of best practices from the research environment in the UK and other relevant innovation actors.

Update: impact of Covid-19 

We recognise that we will have to approach the proposed timetable with flexibility over the coming months, due to the ongoing uncertainties around travelling. Consultants will not be required to travel where it is not deemed necessary or safe, and we will continue to take advice from relevant authorities in the UK and in our partner countries regarding travel restrictions.

We would propose that consultants prepare to work remotely, utilising video conferencing in place of face to face meetings for the coming few months and we will monitor and review arrangements as the situation evolves and as more information becomes available.

The logistics of these arrangements will be discussed in further detail with the successful bidder, at the commencement of the project, in consultation with CONCYTEC.

Last updated 2 April 2020.

How to apply

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To submit

  1. Please read the Request for Proposal (RFP) document; then complete the documents Annex 2 – Supplier Response and Annex 3 – Pricing Approach
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Response deadline 

The deadline for this call has been extended to 23 April 2020, 5pm GMT.

Further information

Enquiries regarding this call can be sent via In-Tend by the Clarification Deadline as noted in the RFP document.

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