The Newton-Paulet strategy aims at providing capacity-enhancement in science and innovation policies in Peru to deliver significant science and innovation outputs by 2021. 

This call for proposals seeks technical advice for a feasibility study into the development of a national botanic garden in Peru.

A botanic garden will contribute to the strengthening of the preservation of Peru’s biodiversity. An external expert is sought to advise on what should be considered in a feasibility study into the development of a national botanic garden.

This study will support the decision-making of key stakeholders in the Peruvian government in the creation of a national botanic garden and will be key to the design and development of an institution that will combine activities such as conservation, environmental education, scientific research and enjoyment of nature as well as a seed bank for long-term preservation.

The ultimate goal of the botanic garden is that that it will become a scientific research and educational space with a world-class plant collection from the coastal desert, the Andean mountains and the Amazonian rainforest. Many of the disciplines essential for practicing restoration ecology are already represented in botanic gardens such as plant taxonomy, horticulture, DNA fingerprinting, geographical information systems, seed banking and seed science, conservation biology and genetics, plant physiology and mycology among others.

This request for proposals seeks consultants who are able to prepare:

i. a preliminary diagnosis for the formulation of a feasibility study to create a national botanic garden in Peru

ii. a methodological design of the implementation of the workshop where the results with technical, scientific and management recommendations will be shared, incorporating good practices and successful international experiences

This call has now closed.


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