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The Newton Fund Impact Scheme (NFIS) is delivered by the British Council in partnership with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on behalf of all Newton Fund delivery partners.

NFIS provides funding for current and previously funded Newton Fund grantees with the aim of maximising impact from Newton Fund activities. 

The collaboration between UK and partner countries can build upon the original partnership or form a new partnership. 

Eligible partner countries for the 2020 call for applicants

  • Peru
  • Egypt*
  • Indonesia*
  • Thailand*

Grants will not be provided to support the continuation of existing activities. Applicants should make a strong case to demonstrate that proposals consist of new activities that build on the previous project and focus primarily on impact realisation.

The grants will provide funding targeting the following key areas:

Initiating or increasing policy impacts or user engagement: This may involve translating existing research or research outcomes into policy impacts, increasing engagement with users, measures to overcome identified barriers to impact or extending engagement into new user communities.

Initiating or increasing engagement with impact multipliers (e.g. businesses, NGOs or charities): This may involve moving research outcomes further along the translation pipeline or extending the outcomes into the commercial sector.

Deadline for applications

This call is now closed


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