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The Newton Fund aims to build UK-partner country collaborations centred on shared research and innovation challenges which have direct relevance to Newton partner countries’ social welfare and economic development. The Professional Development and Engagement Programme (PDE) supports the research environment and enables optimal impact from research, shaped by the demands and development priorities of the partner country. 

Under PDE, The Research Environment Links (REL) programmes in Turkey, aim to support the research and academic environment through international collaboration; training programmes; the exchange of knowledge and best practice and the development and implementation of pilot activities to promote capacity building collaboration shaped by the demands and priorities of Turkey and the UK. 

Research Environment Links - Turkey

REL grants are designed to provide financial support for capacity building activities proposed by applicant institutions in Turkey, working with partner organisations in the UK.  The proposed activities are designed by the Lead Applicant in Turkey, with the support of a UK partner organisation. 

REL can be funded in any discipline or cross-discipline and there are no limits in terms of the type of activities that can be delivered, as long as these respond to country needs. Please see the guidelines for applicants document in the downloads section for further details. 

Size of grant
Up to £40,000

Duration of grant
Up to 12 months

ODA requirement
All applications must meet the required relevance to economic development or social welfare (see guidelines for further information).

Eligibility criteria

  • Each proposal must have one Lead Applicant from either Turkey and one Lead Applicant from the UK. 
  • All Principal Applicants must be Leading Researchers or Established Researchers as defined by the European Commission here.
  • Other eligibility criteria apply. Please refer to the guidelines document available from the downloads section below for full eligibility criteria.


30 June 2020, 16.00 UK time

How to apply

Download and read fully the guidelines document from the downloads section below. 

Complete the online application form

If you are experiencing issues with downloading the budget spreadsheet, please try using a different browser (Google Chrome) or email to receive a copy.