Participate in an international research workshop

Here you can find all research workshops under Researcher Links and the Newton Fund. The workshops give researchers the opportunity to form new international connections.

If you are an early-career researcher based in the UK or the partner country you can apply for a grant to participate.

Management of Innovation in the Agricultural Sector

Please note that the dates on the webpage for the workshop linked to above may not have been updated. The dates below are updated.

  • Date of workshop: 14-18 November, 2016
  • Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Deadline for applications: 11 September, 2016
  • Eligible countries: UK and Kazakhstan
  • Researcher Links, Newton Fund

Seismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies for Existing Buildings and Structures

  • Date of workshop: 17-21 October 2016
  • Location: Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
  • Deadline for applications: 14 August, 2016 (extended deadline)
  • Eligible countries: UK and Mexico
  • Researcher Links, Newton Fund

Biomedical Engineering and Biorobotics – A platform for economic diversification of the Abu Dhabi (UAE) economy

  • Date of workshop: 3-6 October 2016
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Deadline for applications: 8 August, 2016 (extended deadline)
  • Eligible countries: UK and UAE
  • Researcher Links (non-Newton Fund)

Collaborative strategies to study myelin and fight against multiple sclerosis and other white matter diseases

  • Date of workshop: 11-13 October 2016
  • Location: Swindon, UK
  • Deadline for applications: 5 September, 2016 (extended deadline)
  • Eligible countries: UK and China
  • Researcher Links, Newton Fund

Tropical forest biodiversity and carbon storage: developing a roadmap for a long-term forest monitoring network in Indonesia

  • Date of workshop: 13-16 September 2016
  • Location: Bogor, Indonesia.
  • Deadline for applications: 31 August, 2016 (extended deadline)
  • Eligible countries: UK and Indonesia
  • Researcher Links, Newton Fund

Urban Air Pollution in Indian and UK cities: Characterization and Prediction of Chemically Reactive Air Pollutants

  • Date of workshop: 28 November - 1 December 2016
  • Location: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India
  • Deadline for applications: 25 August, 2016 (extended from 15 August)
  • Eligible countries: UK and India
  • Researcher Links, Newton Fund