About this opportunity

The Newton-Picarte Fund in Chile is opening the second stage of the second edition of the Institutional Skills Development call, inviting expressions of interest that were selected in the previous stage, to request a grant to develop new training programmes to support researchers, staff or teachers in science. 

Training programmes must be supported by a relevant UK partner institution (university, research institution or public agency) – although the applications must be led by the Chilean institution. 

Projects should have a duration of up to 6 months, and start in March 2016.

Grants are available for between $10,000,000 and $45,000,000 (Chilean pesos – approximately £10,000-£45,000) and should cover up to 50% of the costs of the project (the remaining 50% should be covered by the beneficiary institutions).

Closing date

Full proposals will be received until 14 November, at 16.00 (Chilean continental time).

Eligibility criteria

Beneficiary organisations (the organisations whose staff benefit from the training programmes) should be public, academic or other not-for-profit institutions, including government ministries, non-ministerial public agencies and departments, universities, research centres and other training institutions, and NGOs, but not including for-profit/commercial organisations. 

 For full eligibility criteria please refer to the guideline document.

How to apply

Expressions of interest should be submitted though the Institutional Skills online platform and using the template document below as a reference. This application should include a brief description of the proposed training programme, its objectives and an explanation of its contribution to Chile’s economic development and social welfare, and the identification of the UK partner(s) involved.

Applicants must submit the completed expression of interest form through the application platform . These should be received by 16.00 (Chilean continental time) on 14 December 2015.