We have opened an Invitation to Tender for consultancy services on the Newton-Caldas Fund, part of the Newton Fund

Services requested

Professional training and consultancy services requested for the Training on Innovation Finance Visit funded under the Newton-Caldas Fund. 

The selected supplier will be responsible for drafting and conducting a programme consisting of a 10 day study tour for in the UK including of a 6 days of training on innovation finance architecture and 4 days of visits to UK relevant shareholders. The programme is aimed at early stage investors and policy makers that will benefit from learning new investments instrument that can be introduced to Colombia. Further details are included in the ITT

Deadline to respond to the Invitation to Tender is 5pm UK time on 30 January 2015

How to apply

Please download the Invitation to Tender PDF from the Downloads section for further information. Responses must be made using Annex 1 available from the Downloads section, submitted to UK-PDE@britishcouncil.org by 5pm UK time, 30 January 2015.


If you have any questions, please contact UK-PDE@britishcouncil.org