Mat Wright


Mexico is the world’s 15th largest economy, and the second largest in Latin America. Today Mexico has many of the building blocks of an effective innovation system – growing scientific outputs, well-regarded new system of technology transfer offices and a strong commitment from government to support entrepreneurship. However, Mexico has struggled to attain the government’s goals of becoming a knowledge based society due to market and institutional inefficiencies. For example, Mexico ranks 58 in the 2017 Global Innovation Index (out of 127) and 74 in innovation efficiency. Expert analyses of the causes of these statistics suggest that the innovation system, although increasingly coordinated, is disbursed and unconnected. 

This opportunity asks consultants to work with Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy and funding agencies in Mexico to promote a framework of transformative innovation. The consultant’s work will help lead to the implementation of policies and programmes that create the conditions for the grassroots emergence of innovative small businesses. 

This opportunity includes the following activities:

  • Train policy makers and academic staff in designing innovation policies for transformative change.
  • Conduct a mapping exercise to identify potential STI policy case studies that could become the basis for a more comprehensive benchmarking study. 
  • Develop an initial paper advising innovation policy in the Mexican context.

Please see Request for Proposal document below for complete details of the opportunity. 

Budget for service: £30,000 inclusive of VAT

Duration: Deadline for deliverables mid-February 2018 (number of days to be estimated and outlined by consultant)


Applications are open to all UK registered consultants and companies.


Please download the attachments below. Read the Request for Proposal document and submit all the required documents by email to uk-pde@britishcouncil.org before the deadline.


22 September 2017, 17:00 UK time


Please send queries or comments about this call to uk-pde@britishcouncil.org