FameLab International 2017 winner Tshiamo Legoale (right) with Ellen Stofan (left), former Chief Scientist at NASA (right). © www.stillmovingmedia.co.uk 

About this opportunity

FameLab is a global competition and science communication training with the aim to find, develop and mentor early career science STEM communicators. FameLab was created and produced by Cheltenham Festivals in 2005. A partnership with the British Council since 2007 has seen the competition go global, with more than 9,000 early career researchers taking part to date. 

The British Council is now formalising its pool of trainers for FameLab International, looking for experienced science communication trainers to deliver masterclass training for the global programme. The trainer will be expected to develop, conduct and deliver two consecutive-day Masterclass Training workshops with FameLab participants.

Selected national FameLab finalists join an exclusive two-day intensive masterclass led by expert UK-based trainers, with a view to preparing, honing and collaborating for their 3 minutes of fame in front of an audience and a panel of judges on a science topic they are passionate about. Their performance is intended to be both engaging and informative with no reliance on props (except what they can carry on stage); just their voice and passion should grip the audience. Participants are judged on “The three Cs”; Content, Clarity and Charisma.

Trainer profile

The FameLab Trainers will possess relevant training experience preferably acquired in an academic/international and media-related context. They will also have the following essential skills:

  • Experience of specifically undertaking similar service(s) within/outside the UK and/or to an international audience
  • Previous experience in working within the Global FameLab programme (optional)
  • Experience of delivering highly interactive science communications workshops
  • Excellent proficiency in written and spoken English with clear and effective presentation skills
  • Proven track record of engagement with young adults / early career scientists and/or those with a passion for science

For further information about mandatory requirements / constraints, please download the Request for Proposals (RFP) document below. 


Delivery of FameLab Masterclass session: GBP 350 per day. 

For further information about pay for travel, please download the RFP document below. 

How to apply

Please download the RFP document below. The documents that must be submitted to form your tender response are listed at Part 2 (Submission Checklist) of Annex 2 (Supplier Response) in the RFP document. 

All documents required as part of your tender response should be submitted to FameLab@britishcouncil.org before the deadline below.


26 February 2018 by 17:00 (UK time)

See further details in Section 11 of the RFP document (download below).


Please send queries or comments about this opportunity to FameLab@britishcouncil.org

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