MARCH Project - Make Science Real in Schools

The MARCH Project is a new network funded by the EU that aims to bring together institutions, NGOs and educational institutions in Europe in order to:

  • help young people to actively contribute to the learning process
  • argue in favour of the relevance of science to everyday life
  • promote science as a force that can build up active citizens
  • highlight the relationship between science skills and future employability

The British Council is one of nine project partners from across the EU, all of which recognise the importance of STEM education to supplying the workforce of the future.

The ambitious project aims to reach more than 10,000 schools across Europe and attract the interest of thousands of young students.

For more information and to get involved, please visit the project website.

The current situation

The MARCH Project has led to some interesting findings. For example, the majority of students, including 80% in Portugal, said in a survey that to get into your choice of university, or get the job you want, you need to do well in science at secondary school.

It has also been revealed that only 8% of Bulgarian secondary school students have some classroom experience of preparing and presenting a scientific experiment, and almost 80% of Greek secondary students have never visited a scientific organisation

The MARCH Project hopes to collect and pilot best practices in STEM education from across the EU to form a policy recommendation for the EU.