Education Intelligence provides timely, high-value data and analysis to UK universities and education organisations. We produce a portfolio of commercial research reports to help stakeholders locate effective partnerships, create solid collaborations and inform strategic decisions regarding international student recruitment and market entry. Through our consultancy services, our clients receive tailored solutions to address individual needs and attain goals that advance their internationalisation agendas. Our high visibility, ground-breaking research papers contribute to global discussion of higher education issues and trends.  

What is on offer for UK education organisations?

Market reports

Education Intelligence market reports include: 

  • Demographic and economic overviews featuring current and projected data as well as localised  intelligence to support market evaluation
  • Analyses of significant factors influencing the decision-making of students concerning overseas study
  • Insight into key transnational education issues including the opening of key new education markets and overall trends
  • International student demand for specific subjects in a global context
  • Engagement in the schools and further education sectors

Higher education trends analyses

Reports on global higher education trends and student mobility include: 

  • Global overviews of the current state of student mobility 
  • Rigorous analyses of prevailing trends that are shaping higher education globally
  • Impact of demographic and economic drivers on the changing higher education landscape
  • Identification of significant emerging markets for international students and fastest growing education systems 


The Education Intelligence team interacts with the sector in numerous ways: 

  • Participation in presentations, conference sessions and live events globally
  • Production of research that impacts national education policies
  • Engagement with stakeholders in the UK and internationally via newsletters, alerts and social media outlets

Data tools

Education Intelligence hosts three user-friendly data-mining tools for our subscribers:

  • Student Insight tool: Over 210,000 survey responses regarding decision-making and overseas study from students across the globe
  • Higher Education student data tool: Current and historic Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data on international students in the UK 
  • Interactive Access: Market intelligence data and forecasts for over 50 countries

How to access Education Intelligence services

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