The following research was launched at Going Global 2017:

Report: The shape of global higher education

This report evaluates the policies of 26 countries and identifies areas where national governments can provide an enabling environment to their HE institutions to internationalise and forge collaborations. The accompanying Global Gauge is an interactive higher education policy monitor which summarises the responses against each of the 962 measures used in this evaluation, and lists the data sources used.

Report: Social enterprise in a global context

Set against a context of global growth in higher education, this research seeks to understand and enhance the role of international cooperation between higher education institutions and social enterprises.


University World News articles

University World News, our media partner for Going Global 2016, presented a series of articles focusing on the key topics that were discussed at the 2016 conference.

Blog posts

How international is your country’s higher education?

Our Research Manager Michael Peak discusses the research on national education policy in 26 countries that shows how open each country is to international higher education. 

Can higher education help fix the refugee crisis?

What can universities and the people who work for them do to help students and academics fleeing violence in Syria and elsewhere? Dr John Law, our Head of UK Education Co-ordination, UK Region, answers.

Can UN development goals fix higher education’s problems?

How do you increase access to higher education? How can you maintain and improve quality? And how do you make sure it's affordable? Nan Yeld, Senior Adviser Higher Education and Development, discusses these challenges.

How to reform a university’s English language department 

What problems are common to English language departments at universities in developing countries, and how can they be tackled? Ben Gray, Director of English at the British Council in Libya, looks at the issues.

A step by step plan to internationalise your university 

How can universities develop the best international strategy? We asked Dr Jean-Bernard Adrey, Director of the Centre for Global Engagement at Coventry University, which won the Award for Innovation in Internationalisation of the European Association for International Education in 2014 and the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2015 in recognition of its international growth and success.


Going Global publication series

Find out about the books in the Going Global series, written by practitioners for practitioners, containing a wealth of experience and interpretation of HE challenges and opportunities.