Conference themes


At the 2015 conference we proposed that the fusion of diverse cultures generates a creative force, which is a major catalyst of leading edge innovation. Investment in the connection of these cultures produces a tangible return and measurable impact for the future.

Going Global 2015 explored this through three perspectives:

  • Academic discipline and subject cultures: including the impact of multi-disciplinary teams from various fields of study; as well as different cultures of research, teaching and skills development.
  • Organisational cultures - particularly those of higher education institutions; business; skills providers; NGOs and social enterprises.
  • National, regional and local cultures and the extent to which connecting people and ideas across these cultures generates a creative force leading to innovation. 

Together we explored how networks of innovation evolve and grow when cultures cut across boundaries, looking at the role higher education institutions play globally in connecting cultures, as well as anchoring and sustaining networks of innovation. 

Research launched

Transnational education data collection systems - looking at the existence and characteristics of TNE data collection systems in host countries and the capacity to produce robust data on TNE programmes and enrolment rates.

Educational pathways of leaders - revealing the higher education pathways of professional leaders around the world.

Graduate employability in Sub-Saharan Africa - supporting the development of higher education systems in four Sub-Saharan African countries – Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa – and for comparative purposes, the UK.

Managing large systems - looking at nine large higher education systems to generate insights into shared challenges. The nine countries are Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, UK and USA.

Research Performance in South-East Asia - analysing the research performance of five South-East Asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Broadening Horizons 2015 - surveying UK and US students in order to understand their perceived drivers and barriers to overseas study.

Skills for higher education in Mexico - exploring the need to link secondary school learning outcomes to higher education needs in Mexico, as well as possible mechanisms to accomplish this.

From catapults to commercialisation - looking at the impact of commercialisation policies on their university structures and education programmes.

Conference highlights

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