Conference themes

Inclusion, Innovation, Impact

How are innovation systems formed, structured and driven globally and transnationally? Delegates considered how the development of the talent behind innovation and the challenge of providing sufficient high quality tertiary education are central to ensure inclusion and participation.

We focused on what impact an internationalised higher and tertiary sector can have in the symbiotic areas of innovation and inclusion; how impact is delivered; and the outcomes for policy makers, funders, tertiary education stakeholders and institutions.

Research launched

Impacts of transnational education on host countries - focusing on four main impacts categories – academic, cultural/social, economic and skills impacts.

Rationale for sponsoring international study - looking at the reasons why some national governments invest in supporting outward mobility scholarship programmes.

Broadening Horizons 2014 - capturing the views of UK and US students on studying overseas, with the aim of understanding the barriers, perceived and real, that students face when pursuing an international experience.

English as a medium of instruction - looking at the implications for the education of young people and policy decisions in non-anglophone countries.

South Asia and higher education: revolution and realities - examining seven core challenges facing the higher education sector in South Asia and recommend action to address them.

Conference highlights