The British Council, as the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ in partnership with Ecorys, has published this statement and FAQs in response to Erasmus+ students complaining to the British Council, while they await their Erasmus+ funding from their university. The statement may be updated over time.

On behalf of all involved in Erasmus+, the British Council would like to apologise to any university students who may have been affected by delays to their grant funding caused by the introduction of the EU’s new seven-year Erasmus+ programme.

It is the universities themselves who are responsible for supporting individual Erasmus exchanges, when they start and what funding is available, so we advise any concerned students to contact their university Erasmus co-ordinator in the first instance, for help and updates. 

The Erasmus+ grant is intended to be a contribution to the cost of activities. Despite technical delays, beyond our control or influence in launching the new programme, the British Council sent grant agreements to universities by the European Commission’s 1 October deadline. 

The British Council continues to issue funding to universities within 30 days of having the signed grant agreement returned correctly by the university, according to the procedures set by the European Commission. Universities were informed of this in July. The 30 day deadline allows important checks to take place to ensure the university is paid correctly and procedures are followed. The British Council has been paying universities since 22 September and is working with universities to issue funding as quickly as possible - and before the 30 day deadline whenever possible. 

Any students who have contacted their Erasmus co-ordinator but would like further information from the British Council should contact us on with their query, name and home university.

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