Mat Wright

Type Consultancy
Key dates Deadline: Thursday 13 December 2018

We are looking for a consultant to gather evidence on the potential impact of English on prosperity and stability in fragile, isolated and/or at-risk communities across four countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova. 


All four countries in this region are facing long-standing unresolved territorial conflicts. This means that the target countries are subject to ongoing instability and a risk of conflict escalation. The project targets schools and universities because British Council believes that these institutions are important agents for community cohesion and stability. Schools are sometimes the main institution in communities affected by conflict or isolation, and school-teachers are often some of the few respected local figures of authority.

The project aims to enhance skills in English blended with other skills such as debating and negotiating skills targeting the most vulnerable young people in selected communities across the region. It will focus on improving young people’s chances by increasing their future economic potential in the labour force and in conflict zones, by engaging them through English language teaching and by providing them with the skills that will help them raise issues of interest or concern in their communities.

As part of the programme, a study is planned to be carried out to gather evidence on the potential impact of English on prosperity as well as on conflict and stability in fragile, isolated and/or at-risk communities. An examination of the gendered issues of conflict and peace-building in relation to English language learning will also be incorporated. This will be tailored in each country in line with country political, economic and social context.


The opportunity is open to individual experts and institutions with previous experience in research work - experience and knowledge in countries which are the target market is a plus.

How to apply

Please read the Terms of Reference below and send your expression of interest to: maja.mandekic@britishcouncil.hr