Mexican research project on skills for higher education

Image (c) John Cooper/Ikon Partnership

What skills or abilities are necessary to be adequately prepared for higher education and how can they be acquired?


Invitation to tender

Key dates

Deadline of receipt of queries: Friday 28 November 2014

Deadline for submission of proposal: Monday 8 December 2014 by 17:00 CST  (EXTENDED)


This research project will explore the need to link secondary school learning outcomes to higher education (post compulsory education)  in Mexico and possible mechanisms to accomplish this.

It should attempt to address the research question: What skills or abilities are necessary for students to be adequately prepared for higher education and how can they acquire these?

Though we are open to innovative proposals, we expect any proposal to address both the academic skills necessary for students to succeed in higher education and the soft skills, or life skills, which are also necessary. 

The tender will be awarded to organisations who can demonstrate:

  • Strong research and macroeconomic data portfolio, evidenced by previous projects.
  • Expertise in international education and macroeconomic research – evidenced by previous research projects and consultancy carried out for education and government organisations.
  • Strong dedicated team with suitable experience and qualifications.


Applicants may bid for the entire project, or simply for one or several of the parts of the project. For instance, we would expect British applicants to bid for the first three elements (quantitative overview, qualitative analysis and reflection in British policies and institutions), and for Mexican applicants to bid either for the entire project or for the fourth element. However, British applicants who wish to bid for the entire project will also be considered.

If you wish to know more about this opportunity, please review the invitation to tender and agreement documents available below.


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