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Scholarship opportunity

Key dates

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 10 December 2014


Kuwait University is offering UK students one arts and one science scholarship, which will include specialisms in engineering, sciences, education and law. This scholarship will cover full fees along with accommodation costs. In addition there will be a monthly allowance of approximately £400/month. 

This is an ideal opportunity for UK students to not only study, but to understand and learn new cultures and traditions in the Arab world. Students will be exposed to different methodologies of teaching and will have the chance to learn an additional language. 

Kuwait University is the first public research university in the State of Kuwait and was established in 1966. Its vision is to provide world-class education, and is committed to advancing, preserving, and disseminating knowledge.

More details on the subjects and syllabus can be found on the Kuwait University website:

Entry requirements

Entry requirements are:

1. Original admission application 

2. Certificates: 

From inside Kuwait: original secondary certificate or true copy

From outside Kuwait: copy of secondary certificate and original for comparison

3. Equalisation of the secondary certificate by the Private Education Department, Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait, for the certificates from outside the State of Kuwait or for private schools in the State of Kuwait 

4. Copy of Civil ID/passport.

5. Two photos

6. The secondary certificate over all grades shall not be less than 75% (or 2.75 GPA) for the Science section and 80% (3.00 GPA) for the Arts literature section.


For more information on how to apply, please contact Imran Yousaf on:

Tel: +965 22515512


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