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Key dates

Deadline: Saturday 10 February 2018


UK universities with interest in the Americas region and proven track record in developing international plans and strategies.


The objective of the programme is to strengthen the skills and capabilities for internationalisation within Brazilian universities, building on UK HEIs' expertise and experience in the field. The Brazilian partner institution must be affiliated to ABRUEM (Brazilian Association of Rectors of State and Municipal Universities).

The funding will facilitate consultancies and travel grants to allow UK institutions to assist their ABRUEM counterparts in putting together an effective internationalisation agenda. The expected outcome is an increased exchange in knowledge between British and Brazilian universities in terms of internationalisation plans and to strengthen ties and foster long-term partnerships.

How to apply

Please read the documents attached before submitting your application.

Proposals must be submitted online by Saturday 10 February 2018.


If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: contato@britishcouncil.org.br


May Brazilian universities that are not affiliated to ABRUEM apply for the call?
No. Brazilian universities not affiliated to ABRUEM are not eligible, as this is the first selection criteria.
May universities that applied for the previous edition apply again for this new call?
Yes, universities that participated in the first edition of the “Capacity building & internationalization for Higher Education” may apply for this new call, as long as the partners selection criteria are met (Brazilian universities affiliated to ABRUEM).
May universities awarded in the previous edition apply in this new call?
Yes, universities that were selected in the previous edition may apply again in this new call, but not in partnership with the same institutions. For example: Durham may apply, but not in partnership with UFRJ. 
It is important to emphasise that only Brazilian universities affiliated to ABRUEM may apply.
My project was selected in the first edition of the Capacity Building & Internationalisation for Higher Education. May I submit the same project?
The project’s conceptual lines (objectives, expected outputs, impact, etc.) may be the same. However:
- The institutional arrangement between the partner universities must be different from the one that was selected in the first edition;
- The Brazilian universities must be mandatorily affiliated to ABRUEM - the list may be verified here.
- The proposal must be relevant and address the involved institutions’ internationalisation needs.
May the British Council appoint or indicate British or Brazilian universities to participate as partners in this call?
No, unfortunately, the British Council does not have a list of British or Brazilian universities that may apply, and neither puts the Brazilian/British universities in contact. This contact must be independently made by the universities.
Must all partner universities in a project submit the application form?
No, only the proponent university (lead university) must submit the application form.
May the same university apply with more than one project in this call?
Yes, the same university may apply with more than one project, as long as the partner selection criteria are met (Brazilian universities affiliated to ABRUEM).
Is the submission of a recommendation letter signed by a Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor mandatory?
Yes, the submission is mandatory, on university letterhead.
In case the institution’s Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor is not available to prepare and sign the letter, the document must be uploaded by the person of highest position within the university below the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor.
Will non-selected applicants be contacted by e-mail at the end of the call?
No, only selected applicants will be contacted via e-mail at the end of the call; the other applicants shall verify the results posted on this page on the 01 March 2018. If desired, unsuccessful applicants may contact us via e-mail requesting feedback from our team, which will be forwarded within 1 (one) month after request submission.