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Invitation to Tender

Key dates

Return of ITTs: Friday 15 May 2015

Provisional contract start date: July 2015


We are working with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Education to manage a partnership programme between Ethiopian and UK and other international universities for the development of home grown postgraduate programmes in engineering and technology. 

The overall purpose of the programme is to improve the quality and relevance of postgraduate teaching in a number of engineering and technology disciplines enabling Ethiopia to produce its own engineers on a sustainable basis.

The objectives are to establish postgraduate programmes at Masters and PhD levels in a number of engineering and technology areas at ten selected Institutes of Technologies (IoTs) and two Science and Technology Universities (STUs). An additional objective is to develop a highly skilled cadre of qualified academics to spearhead the development of quality teaching of postgraduate engineering and technology programmes. This will be achieved through partnerships between Ethiopian IoTs / STUs and UK and other international universities who have expertise in the appropriate engineering and technology disciplines.

We are seeking to recruit up to three UK universities to partner with three Ethiopian IoT / STU clusters. Universities, including international university consortiums, are invited to bid for any or all of the three opportunities, providing they have the expertise required for the assignment. Each opportunity, or Lot, will focus on distinct engineering and technology disciplines. Lot 1 will focus on building capacity of Ethiopian IoTs / STUs on Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. Lot 2 will focus on Electrical and Communication Engineering. Finally Lot 3 will be focusing on Civil Engineering and Construction.

The contract duration is 24 months and expected to start in July 2015.

How to apply

Please use our electronic tender process to apply: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil/

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