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ELT partnership opportunity between UK and Vietnam

Key dates

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 2 December 2014

Project timescales: End of December 2014 to March 2015


The British Council is seeking a UK university for partnership on an innovative new project in Vietnam, the aim of which is to improve the understanding of creating English Language Teaching (ELT) proficiency curricula and associated learning materials at university level. The partnership award will be based on the university partner’s ability to provide high quality support and development in these two areas, which will be administered to 65 lecturers at Hanoi University which specialises in language education. The British Council will be responsible for providing baseline language support as well as administering the project on-site. Please note that at this stage we do not envisage the need for our partners to visit Vietnam in order to provide instruction as this will be provided online via a closed network. The project is set to run from the end of December 2014 to March 2015 and the total instruction time will be around 50 hours for the duration of the project.


The partnership will be awarded to the institution, or members of its faculty, who are best able to meet the following criteria: 

  • Good and well-evidenced track record of developing ELT proficiency curricula
  • Good and well-evidenced track record of evaluating ELT proficiency curricula – using recognised general educational  approaches such formative vs summative evaluation and specialised academic approaches such as positivism or interpretivism 
  • Demonstrable knowledge of other related curriculum evaluation requirements such as ethics and validity 
  • Good and well-evidenced track record of instructing others in best practice concerning ELT proficiency curricula
  • Evidence of previous publications in peer-reviewed journals and academic literature concerning ELT proficiency curricula
  • Good and well-evidenced knowledge of best practice in ELT materials development
  • Good and well-evidenced knowledge of current trends in ELT materials development
  • Proven ability/experience of giving instruction remotely via online means
  • Experience of working in ELT in South-East Asia, or with learners from this region (preferred)


While individual academics, lecturers and other ELT professionals are welcome to apply, preference will be given to applicants who apply on behalf of their institution with the idea of creating a temporary partnership for the lifetime of this project.

How to apply

Applications no more than 500 words in length detailing the applicant’s and the institution the applicant represents suitability for the partnership should be sent to the email address in the section below. Please note that applications which describe how the applicant or the applicant’s institution meets the criteria above, as supposed to applications which are less detailed, such as CV-only applications, are strongly preferred.

Any expressions of interest should be sent to Thomas Lloyd ( who is also the main contact for any enquiries prior to making an application.