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Type Call 
Key dates  Application deadline: Monday 1 October 2018
Eligibility    UK higher education institutions with experience in offering English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses – online and remotely.

We are looking for UK higher education institutions interested in complementing the British Council´s English proficiency enhancement programme for Brazilian academics, to be rolled out and tested with a key Brazilian University.


With a substantial higher education and research sector with over eight million under-graduate and 220 thousand post-graduate students, Brazil is developing an Internationalisation at Home agenda, encouraging renowned universities to deepen their international engagement and foster international strategies and partnerships with key countries.


The British Council´s English proficiency enhancement programme aims to connect suitable UK Higher Education institutions willing to offer an integrated, customized English proficiency enhancement programme for Brazilian academics, a key component in the Brazilian HE Internationalisation at Home initiative, devised to encourage excellence among 40 universities (mostly federal, except for two São Paulo state universities and a small number of pontifical universities).

The chosen UK University is expected to provide distance learning EAP programmes for academics and the British Council on its part will deliver its Researcher Connect and Academic Teaching Excellence workshops. The total number of hours, as well as the course timeframe strongly depend on institutions’ course proposals. We would advise that the course - ideally targeted at B1 candidates (A2 at worst) Brazilian University professors willing to start or improve their general English and/or English as a Medium of Instruction proficiency - should offer a total of 200 hours of study over a year (equivalent to one CEFR level; e.g. from A2 to B1 or from B1 to B2). Candidates’ proficiency will be tested beforehand and after the conclusion of the course, through APTI.

Depending on the outcome of this first call of interest, a procurement process will be carried out and a partnership closed with at least one UK University.  This integrated package is expected to be offered to other suitable Brazilian Universities interested in improving their academic staff’s English language proficiency. After the assessment of the impact of this pilot, there will be potential opportunities to apply the scheme to other countries within the region initially, and any other non-English speaking country after that.

How to apply

Institutions must provide a detailed description of their training package, resources and related costs.

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