Workshop in Bahrain


Workshop presenter opportunity in Bahrain


The deadline for applications is Wednesday 4 March 2015.


We are seeking a presenter/ team of 2-3 presenters to deliver a workshop to university presidents and academic heads in Bahrain. Applicants should be from a UK university with strong work on employability skills. 


The workshop should address the following issues:

• The disconnect between the skills required by employers in Bahrain and graduates from the university sector

• The evidence that graduates do not possess the employability skills that employers require 

• The fact that universities do not currently do enough or know how to address this issue

• Sharing of best practice, case studies that are contextualized for Bahrain

Expected outcome:

• Attendees are expected to walk away with practical ideas and tools to make positive change within their organisation by working with colleagues to embed employability into teaching and learning 

• Each institute will have a clear action plan of embedding employability into curricula and into the leadership and culture of the institute

• A clear framework for embedding employability into curricula that institutions can use to measure the impact of their work in employability and the progress that has been made

• Faculty are aware of how to make changes in curriculum design and delivery of teaching in order to embed employability 

• This workshop will be the first of others that will build on the lessons learned 

Programme layout:

• Day 1: The Higher Education Council (HEC) will host key employment sectors. These sectors will be asked to articulate the skills - both technical and soft skills - required by their respective sector. Those present will include university representatives, employers and student representatives. The aim of the session will be to facilitate conversation and discuss the expectations and issues raised by the employers. UK participants will be asked to participate in this session, but the HEC will facilitate it.

• Day 2: Workshop - Embedding employability skills into the curriculum (Day 1)

• Day 3: Workshop - Embedding employability skills into the curriculum (Day 2)

• Day 4: Embedding employability skills into the curriculum, at Kingdom University, concentrated in one day for heads of departments and academic staff. Approximate number is 30-35 attendees.


Please email an outline of a proposed programme with an estimated quote to