Type Consultancy
Key dates Deadline: Sunday 5 May 2019
Eligibility  Please see criteria below.

Development and delivery of a national capacity-building programme to develop Teaching Excellence in Ukraine’s HE sector, specifically sharing UK institutional experience in the field.

For context and general background please download the attachment at the bottom of this page.

Consultancy Terms of Reference

  1. To undertake a faculty development needs analysis of what is required to drive up quality in teaching and learning in Ukrainian higher education institutions; including exploring a potential link between developing Teaching Excellence and Employability. 
  2. To support the development of a three-year national capacity-building programme as well as a national strategy on teaching and learning for Ukraine higher education working with the main stakeholders (the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Academy of the Education Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Higher Education, National Agency for Quality Assurance).
  3. As groundwork for the concept development, to design a UK study visit programme for representatives of the main stakeholders to explore the best UK experience in developing teaching and learning skills.
  4. To support and participate in the programme design, the selection and training of experts, course materials preparation, the piloting of the programme and its eventual roll-out. This will include monitoring the programme and providing technical assistance where necessary.
  5. To ensure, as far as possible, that, in all of the above, the Leadership Development Programme “alumni” are involved where their expertise can make a valuable contribution.    

Consultancy outputs

  • Needs analysis undertaken to inform programme concept development.
  • Programme for study visit developed, all visits arranged, visitors accompanied by the consultant(s). 
  • Programme plan agreed with main stakeholders including rationale, programme activity, timelines, monitoring and evaluation process.

Subject to successful progress, under additional contract:

  • Programme delivery plan implemented jointly with Ukrainian partners and including selection and training of experts, course materials preparation, piloting the programme and its roll-out.


Please outline your approach to the consultancy demonstrating your organisation’s understanding of UK approaches to teaching and learning enhancement in education, including evidence of having carried out a range of teaching development programmes internationally. 

Please also provide: 

  • Your indicative fee for the consultation outlined above: please list separately the costs for the needs analysis; for directing the UK study visit; and for the Concept Development stage only;
  • An indication of your availability during time frame outlined above;
  • CV(s) of the lead consultant(s) whom you would deploy.

Please add a brief report on a previous consultancy you have carried out on a similar project (no more than 1,000 words).

How to apply

To submit a proposal or for further information, please contact: 

UA_IHE@britishcouncil.org.ua copying in lyudmila.tatsenko@britishcouncil.org.ua